25th Reunion - 1989

Mary Robb Newhall and Cathy Cox Giertsen

Judy Schilling, Darcy Anderson Sorlien and Nancy Blanchette Reith

John Anderson, Carol Rydman Lord and Tomn Awsumb

Doug King and Jim Baker


Rick Connor, Mary Kay Nelson Bailey, Bill Lord, Carol Rydman Lord, Rick Giertsen, Cathy Cox Giertsen, Mary Jo Havstad, Keith Hilgendorf, Carol Dickey Hilgendorf, Terri Carlson

Greg Fossum and ?

Dallas King, Rick Connor

Andrew Stirrat, Rick Giertsen, Mike Bjork and Tom Awsumb

Jim Wayne, Bill Lord and Rick Connor

John Bailey, Mary Kay Nelson Bailey, Jeanne Ostendorf Hoag and husband

Barb Prestly Herrmann, Jim Herrmann, Pat West Hinkie, Ric Hinkie and Sue Palen Fiedler

Jim Davis and wife

Ken McCullough, Terri Carlson, Tom Gulliford and Katie Sandt McCullough


  Vicki Olson, Donna Dunker, Kathy Beale and Dick Hays

Barb Prestly Herrmann, Jim Baker, Jim Herrmann

Barb Billings, Diane Dillner, Linda Dash

Carol Dickey Hilgendorf, Joan Seashore and husband, and Keith Hilgendorf

Carol Rydman, Julie Jones, Dal King

Cindy Haling, Joanne Larson, Kathy Loverud

David Jones and his wife with Julie Jones

Doug King, Lloyd (Tom) Thompson and Mike Bjork

Gary Major and Steve Rafshol

Gary Zempel and Rick Carlson

Greg Fossum and Don Skoglund

Greg Fossum

Greg Jewett and Bruce Johnson with their wives

Greg Jewett, Jim Davis and Sharon Jewett

Jackie and Tom Awsumb

John and Merrikay Nelson Bailey

John Anderson, Kathy Diehl and John Wood

John Bessessen and wife, Beth

John Posselt and wife

Joyce and Alan MacPhail

Judy Magnus and Mary Jo Havstad

Judy Magnus, Jane and Jim Wayne and Rick Connor

Ken and Katie Sandt McCullough

Kent Nakken, Rick Carlson and John Anderson

Lloyd Thompson and Ron Jackson

Mike Bjork, Don Sharp and Jim Baker

Pam Palmer Ulvestad and husband, Hal

Rick and Carolyn Davies

Rick Connor, Greg Fossum, Tom McEachron, John Bailey and Bill Lord

Frank Henefield and Bill Lord

Rick Grothe and wife

Sharon Alm, Mike McKinney and Darcy Anderson

Sharon Barger, unknown and Diane Schletzer

Sue Morrill Stirrat and Drew Stirrat

Tom Wilson and Steve Gunberg

Vicki Olsen and Dick Hays

Vicki Olsen and husband Jim Kollross


Rick Connor

Karen Hegener, Katie Sandt, Mary Ann Nord, Barb Subak

1989 Joan Seashore & Mary Ann Nord

1989 Tom Thompson & Margie Tudor Thompson.

1989 committee members Rick Grothe, Jim Herrmann, Barb Prestly, Pat West, Katie Sandt, Rick Davies, Tom Wilson, Mary Ann Nord, Julie Jones, Sue Palen

1989 Cindy Olson, Mary Jo Havstad, Carol Rydman, Doug Fisher

1989 Judy Magnus & Don Sharp

1989 Sharon Alm & Nancy Axelson

1989 Sally Lewers & Cathy Cox

1989 Mark Nordell, Norm Miller, Rick Davies, Tom Hays

1989 Cindy Tripp & Mary Ann Nord

1989 Jean Ostendorf & Louise Diracles

1989 Julie Hilleren & Sue Palen

1989 Anita Schwarz & Eric Rosendahl

1989 Mary Ann Nord, Karen Hegener, Cindy Morris

1989 Barb Hansing, Lee Ann Vizzier, Kris Strom

1989 Louise Diracles & Mary Ann Nord

1989 committee after-party -- Mary Ann Nord & Julie Jones

1989 committee after-party -- Rick Giertsen, John Anderson, Barb Prestly, Jim Herrmann

1989 Terri Carlson & John Anderson

1989 Louise Diracles, Rick Davies & guests

1989 Judy Magnus, Nancy Blanchette, Judy Schilling, Darcy Anderson

1989 John Anderson, Carol Rydman, Tom Awsumb

1989 Jean Ostendorf & Darcy Anderson

1989 Rick Connor, Chuck Bredesen, Bill Lord

1989 Margie Tudor & Julie Jones

1989 Drew Stirrat, Mike Bjork, Tom Awsumb, John Anderson

1989 Joe & Sue Palen Fiedler

1989 Sue Short, Mary Ann Nord, Sue Morrill, Terri Carlson, Margie Tudor, Vicki Olsen

1989 Julie Hilleren, Rick Connor, Sue Palen

1989 Donna Dunker, Milt Edgren, Barb Prestly, Katie Sandt

1989 John Wood, Tom Awsumb, Mike Bjork

1989 Nan Miller, Nancy Retherford, Mary Ann Nord, Julie Jones, Sue Palen, Anita Schwarz

1989 Mary Flaten & Scott Reeves

1989 Margie Tudor, Phyllis Hanson, Gayle Thompson, Becky Wingert

1989 Dal King, Joe Fiedler, Sue Palen, Doug King

1989 Jim Webb & Kris Strom

1989 Joe Fiedler, Mike Bjork, Jim Baker, Don Sharp


1989 Cindy Olson & Don Sharp