Basketball Team

 Basketball Team

Bryan Grohnke Inducted into EHS Athletic Hall of Fame!

Several members of our class attended the annual banquet for the Edina Athletic Hall of Fame inducting members of the EHS sports community from the 1950s to today. Our classmate, Bryan Grohnke was inducted for Basketball and Baseball in 1964. Grohnke held three individual school records in basketball for nearly fifty years! 

Sadly, we learned that Bryan passed away in 2020 of heart related issues. His wife, Beth, accepted the plaque on Bryan's behalf. Steve Kagol nominated Bryan into the Hall of Fame. Many former coaches and other inductees were in attendance.  Nice to have the class of 64 represented.  We were the oldest group in attendance.  Willard Ikola and Art Downey were coaches attending that our classmates would know.  It was a great event honoring other Edina greats as well. 

The Grohnkes resided in Virginia as Bryan was in government service for many years. Brian was extremely humble and a private individual.  He never wanted any fuss made over him at all.  He was that way all through his life. He always felt he was just one of a great team of guys who were dedicated to taking Edina the their first state high school basketball tournament.  Our season was undefeated until we lost our semifinal game to Rochester at Williams arena. It was the start of a great basketball run for Edina in the following few years.  
Ike Eichhorn

Mrs. Kagol, Beth Grohnke, Steve Kagol

Tom Awsumb, Mark Nordell, Ike Eichhorn, Pam Carlson Morford, Steve Kagol 
and Keith Hilgendorf



Keith Hilgendorf dug out memorablia from that iconic 1964 State High School Basketball Tournament (which cost 25 cents!)
Our star forward, Bryan Grohnke, reading Sid's column in the Star Tribune amidst a stash of two Orange Crush and one Coca Cola - all in bottles!
Second string captain, Ric Hinkie (back to camera) keeps guys loose with a game of "Go Fish"- others are (L-R) John Stahly, Dough Watson and Joe Fiedler. Personally I think it was a game of 5 card stud Aces low.
Starting guard, Steve Kagol, focused on Gunsmoke (notice b&w TV) while safeguarding  the 3rd place trophy!
Sunday's triumphant parade (returning to the high school) led by our uniformed band and fantastic cheerleader squads.
First car with coach Baglien in the front seat and coach Rodberg behind.
Players got the convertibles: Bryan Grohnke, Dick Johnson and the security guard/water boy, Hilgendorf.
Notice the Business and Higher Learning Club's creative logo on the convertible carrying the junior reserves- Tim Wood and Doug Dahlberg.
Fighting through the adoring fans in the gym: Mark Nordell, Keith Hilgendorf, Dick Johnson and Bryan Grohnke. NOTICE the dress code: camel tan sport coats (from Lancer's), button down collar shirts and ties - clip no doubt. Well, at least 3 out of 4 got the message - Mark generally followed his oun routine, pushing the envelope.