Track Team

Members of the Track Team Reunite at the Reunion

Mike Bjork, Ernie Maulsby, Eric Hewlett and Rick Giertsen with the 880 trophy

Mike Bjork and Erik Hewlett


The trophy, of which I didn't know existed until a fella named Gary Johnson tracked me down out here in California and told me he had it, is the District 5 880 yard relay championship award. We had to win in the regionals and then districts to qualify for the state track meet in that event. We placed 2nd in state that year ('63) behind Minneapolis Central. They beat us by a was
a good race. Central set a new state record that year. I do not know if our time was a school record. I don't think so but was probably pretty close. Close only counts in horseshoes you know. Relay team: Rick Giertsen, Teddy Carlson, Dick Eichorn, & Ernie Maulsby I think Rick had (somebody on the track team did) a folder of school track records at the reunion so those records are available. A very important note here. The following year (1964) Edina's mile relay team (440 yards apiece) of John Berg '66, Tom Anderson '64, Steve Sanford '65, and Rick Giertson '64 set a new Minnesota state track meet record in the mile relay of 3:24.4 and were state champs. That trophy probably is still in the school display case. That record probably still stands as new records began a few years later when everything switched over to metric distances.
Ernie Maulsby