Student Life

Skiing at Aspen - March 1964
L to R - Karen Hegener, Sue McCormick, Margie Tudor, Katie Sandt and Mary Flaten

L to R -  Dinah Struck, _____, Sue Mc Cormick Meyer (miss her!),_______, Karen Hegener Tangen, Mary Flaten and Katie Sandt.


Senior Class officers Vic Koivumaki (vice-president), Joan Seashore (secretary), Lloyd Thompson (treasurer) and Mike Bjork (president) show off some of the school's sports trophies. 


Senior Class advisors: (standing) Ray Bechtle and Bennett Garner; (seated) Del Fredrickson, Everett Anderson, Elisabeth Aamodt, Karl Pegors and Robert McCarthy.  


Our Class of '64 academic all-stars!


Student Council officers: Steve Mayberg, Grant Hawthorne and Don Bennett lead the way.


Hi-Y officers: Chapter presidents Woody Kuehn, Mike McGahey, John Posselt, Scott Reeves and Kent Nakken and all-school president Jeff Ryan.


Y-Teens chapter presidents

Back: Judy Austin and Sharon Alm.

Middle: Jo Shipway, Jeanne Swenson, Kathy Beale, Jane Dornfeld, Barb Subak, Donna Halle, Katie Sandt, Nan Miller and Phyllis Hanson. 

Front: Sue Garlock, Cindy Tripp, Sue Short, Cathy Lund, Jane Lienemann and Patty Paulson.


Whigrean editor-in-chief Candy Carson

Some of the Whigrean section editors


From the 1964 Whigrean: A day we'll never forget


Buzzette editor-in-chief Greg Long

Buzzette First Page editor Sue Short admires the staff's work.


Varsity cheerleaders, 1963-64: Kristi Nordstrom, Louy Diracles, Ginger Thiele, Holly Hatch, Joan Seashore, Sue Morrill and Cindy Anderson.

B Squad cheerleaders, 1961-62: Joan Seashore, Mary Robb, Andy Matthies, Sue Barnes, Louy Diracles and Anne Pearson.


Hornettes, 1963-64: Co-captain Linda Latchaw, Katie Sandt, Andrea Wersell, Ginny Erck, co-captain Barb Subak, Vicki Olsen, Carol Dickey, Mary Jo Havstad, Karen Hanson, Ethel Shidemen, Lori Hilleren, Cathy Lund, Mary Reinhart, Sue Barnes, Cindy Morris and Betsy Cook. 


Music, music everywhere! Directed by Mr. Bezoier, the Mixed Choir performed at Southdale during Christmas, presented an operetta and took part in the Spring Concert. 

The Edina-Morningside Marching Band played for pepfests, varsity games and sports tournaments.

Pop Concert: Concert Band members (top to bottom) Renner Anderson, Bob Hartshorn, [??], Patty Paulson, Dan McLaughlin and Mark Peterson shared the spotlight.


Sophomore Talent Show, 1961: Third place went to crowd favorite the Edinamites for their sweet harmony. As this newspaper clipping attests, the group performed widely.

Sophomore Talent Show, 1962: Dressed for their Asian-themed dance number are (front) Vicki Olsen, Donna Halle, Jean MacIntosh, Linda Latchaw, Pat Johnson, Mary Jo Havstad and (back) Sue Short. 

Sophomore Talent Show, 1963: Among the winners were Sylvia Honaas (top dancer), pianist Anne McKinsey (best overall talent) and pianist Jim Hockin (most talented instrumentalist).

The Yeoman, whose first album earned them a gig as professional entertainers at the 1962 talent show, featured Jack Otterness ('63), Keith Critchlow ('63), Don Bennett ('64) and Bob Finkenaur ('63).


Edina Players: Thespian Greg Long, in the leading role of Cyrano de Bergerac, vanquished a rival as onlookers cheered.


The debate:  "Resolved: That the United States should promote a common market for the Western Hemisphere." As juniors, debators Vic Koivumaki (left) and Mike Wilkinson (front) won first place in an invitationanal tournament arguing the affirmative position.


Latin Club hijinx

Front: Officers Sue Barnes, Grant Hawthorne and Bill Bridgman.

Back: Mary Nelson, Pat Sloan, Mark Nordell, Kea van der Ziel, Ann Lindgren, John Gilbert, Tex Hewlett, Betsy Reed, Renner Anderson and Greg Elftmann.


All business: Officers Chad Kibler, Kitty Thompson and Dorothy Holder of FSLE (Future Sales Leaders of Edina), one of several clubs preparing students for future jobs and careers.


State of the art for the 1964 Math Club: Slide rules!


Juniors and seniors were honored for their contributions to journalism with membership in Quill and Scroll, a national journalism society.


The German Club executive council tapped a keg: Charlie Ailing, Phyllis Hanson, Pelle Ringdal, John Sahlman, Richard Meyer, Steve Mayberg, Bob McCormack and Gary Zempel. 


AFS finalists Candy Carson, Renner Anderson, Mike Ponsor and Andy Matthies in 1962. Andy headed south to Brazil as a junior and rejoined our class for graduation. Mike spent his senior year in Finland. 

Our ASF exchange students: Magnus Nyberg from Finland, Yasuhiko Nishiyama of Japan, Marie-Christine des Isnards from France and Pelle Ringdal of Norway. 


Among the many seniors awarded with year-end honors were Kea van der Ziel, Edina's 1964 Betty Crocker Homemaker, and Louy Diracles, recognized for her dependability, service, leadership and patriotism.   


A few of our illustrious faculty


Director Larry Stotts talked over the script with student director Nan Brown for their 1963 production of Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians.


"105 pounds of inspiration." That's what our yearbook called Everett Anderson, who taught Enriched, Honors and Standard English.


Enriched English teacher Ray Bechtle coached students on their British accents for George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion, presented by the Edina Players, a schoolwide group introduced in the fall of 1962 to replace traditional class plays.


Head librarian Ingrid Miller ruled her roost.


Marching Band director Edwin Melichar and drum major Bob Hartshorn await their cue for the band's halftime show.


World Affairs Club executives, including Bill Bridgman (third from left), Mike Anderson and Vic Koivumaki, worked with advisor Mardonna Bartholet to select guest speakers and discussion topics in the news.


Janice Lane practiced her wood carving under art teacher Tom Beaver's watchful eye.
Chemistry teacher William Young demonstrated a lab experiment for Don Stewart, Don Bennett, Jim Baker, Mary Robb and Kris Strom.
Algebra teacher Curtiss Johnson (back, left) makes it all perfectly clear.

Letting off steam


Homecoming 1962: A sellout crowd.


Riding the bus: Bob Abbott, Mike Anderson and Donna Halle take it all in stride.


A lunchroom lesson: Rick Connor and Jim Wayne learn to share.


Latin Club — where the girls are. Mark Nordell holds a torch for Betsy Reed ('63).


Journalism students Merrilee Buchanan and Donna Buckbee find the Buzzette full of surprises.


Ginger Janssen, Pat Pierson and Tom Merriman don their glad rags and . . . 

. . . Pat Lewis gets his groove on at the 1962 Sadie Hawkins Dance.

Dressed for the ball: Nancy Retherford and Anita Schwarz


Donna Buckbee strikes a playful pose as Jerry Hudak looks on.


The hand grenade that American history teacher Jim Wego kept in his desk to make students toe the line? An empty threat, judging from our expressions. 


Saving their energy: Anne Greer, Dana Price and Krissy Stephens hitch a ride to class on the backs of John Haw, Bruce Johnson and Jim Davis.


Carol Rydman on the prowl


Steve Kagol and Dick Eichorn greeted fans as they returned from Edina's first appearance in the State High School Basketball Tournament. For the full story and more pictures, click on "Those were the days>High School>Basketball Team."


Senior Dress-Up Day had Sue Howorth, Merrikay Nelson and Barb Hansing limping to the finsh, while Rick Ridgway, George Wilson and Grant Hawthorne kept their cool.


Pages from a scrapbook

Katie Sandt saved everything! Her scrapbook proved to be a goldmine of memorabilia. A selection:








1963 Homecoming: Seniors reign supreme. A new king and queen were crowned, we won the prize for best skit, our entry won the parade float competition, and the Hornets capped it off with a 49-0 shutout over Hopkins.

Jim Davis and Joan Seashore, Jim Webb and Cindy Morris.  

Lloyd Thompson and Sue Morrill, Grant Hawthorne and Sue Palen

            Tom Fiedler and Sue Barnes                              Chuck Bredesen and Andy Matthies


The Homecoming Queen and her court: Joan Seashore, Sue Morrill, Cindy Morris, Queen Louy Diracles, Sue Palen, Andy Matthies and Sue Barnes.

Tom Adams drives King Don and Queen Louy in the Homecoming parade.
A royal wave 
Homecoming parade shenanigans
Hi-Y Sweetheart and Y-Teens Hero: Each of the five Hi-Y chapters selected a Sweetheart candidate for their 1963 Christmas formal. And seventeen Y-Teens chapters combined to select nine candidates for their Hero Dance on Valentine's Day, 1964. 
Hi-Y Sweetheart candidates: Cindy Morris, Donna Buckbee, Joan Seashore, Cathy Cox and Bev Waite vied for the honor.
Y-Teens Hero candidates: Bryan Grohnke, Bill Lord, Mark Nordell, Ron "The Beatle" Jackson, Don Sharp, Ron Crawford, Dal King, Eric Rosendahl and Steve Kagol. Honorary Sweetheart Marie-Christine des Isnards, our exchange student from France (seated right), joins three of the other Sweetheart candidates. 
Parties — from the silly to the sophisticated

Dressed for Halloween? Nope -- just a Saturday night lark for Jean MacIntosh, Sue McCormick, Renee Manning, Merrilee Buchanan and Ann Rose.


Beatniks Jean MacIntosh and Sue Morrill


A 1963 Farewell: Friends say good-by to Barb Baston before she moves.

Seated in front: Fran Lord, Carol Dickey, Cindy Tripp and Margie Tudor.

Standing and seated behind: Patty Paulson, Vicki Olsen, Bonnie Duoos, Mary Flaten, Barb Hansing, (??), Barb Baston, Pam Palmer, Barb Subak, Gail Hanson, Lee Ann Vizzier, Cindy Smith and Kathy Beale.


Waiting for action: About-to-be-sophomores (front) Nancy Axelson and Kathy Donohoe; (back) Judy Magnus, Cathy Lund, Nan Miller, Mary Ann Nord and Sue Palen. 

Cindy Viken, Tim Morrissey, Lynne Simones, Mark Brandow and Dave Field enjoy a luau feast.


Dates for Homecoming 1961: Mary Ann Nord and Tom Adams


Mary Robb accepts her 1962 Homecoming chrysanthemum corsage with a smile.


Dressed to the nines: Doug Fisher, Mary Jo Havstad, Sue Palen and Joe Fiedler.



Anita Schwarz and Maury Knutson posed for their portrait at the 1963 Prom, "A Knight to Remember." 

Double date: Bob Abbott and Cindy Tripp, Gail Hanson and Bill Thomas.


Off to the dance: Doug King and his date, Joe Fiedler and Sue Palen, Pat Lewis and Julie Hilleren.


The 1964 Prom at the Leamington Hotel, themed "Island in the Sea," provided a backdrop for Carol Rydman and Bill Lord.


After the Senior Prom: Ready to party! That's Rick Connor on the car. In front are Joe Fiedler and Sue Palen, ??, Doug King, ??, Mary Jo Havstad and Doug Fisher, Sue Morrill and Jim Wayne, Bill Lord and Carol Rydman, Julie Hilleren, Merrikay Nelson, John Bailey and Pat Lewis.  


Sports teams

Apologies to all the players — too many to name!

Before Title IX, high school sports weren't open to girls. The Aqua Nymphs synchronized swimming team, which competed in the state AAU meet, was classified as an "activity."


Hanging Out


Cancan line: Julie Jones, Ann Rose, Kathy Donohoe, Cathy Lund, Mary Ann Nord, Anne McKinsey and Sue Palen.



Mary Jo Havstad roughs it -- in the backyard. 


Anna Steiner, Betsy Cook and Elaine Engel


Roasting their feet at Lund's cabin in 1961 after their annual train trip to Sandstone: Kathy Donohoe, Mary Ann Nord, Nan Miller, Cathy Lund and Sue Palen. 


Moving the fun indoors: Julie Jones (in front), Mary Ann Nord, Sue Palen, Nan Miller, Ann Rose and Cathy Lund.


Anita Schwarz throws a sunrise, come-as-you party. The pyramid's ground floor: Anita, Mary Ann Nord, Mary Flaten and Kathy Beale. The building blocks: Sue Palen, Cathy Lund and ?? Top of the heap: Julie Jones and Julie Hilleren. 


Anita Schwarz greets another day.


Sue Palen (top) and Cathy Lund NOT slumbering.


Kathy Allum whips up a new outfit.


All dolled up: Sue Palen and Julie Jones.


Mary Jo Havstad captured artfully by photographer Anita Schwarz


Ah, this is the life! Nan Miller enjoys a carefree summer. 




A Baccalaureate brunch. Front: Barb Hansing and Katie Sandt. Middle: Carol Dickey, Barb Pengelly, Kathy Beale and Lee Ann Vizzier. Back: Cindy Tripp, Pam Palmer, Bonnie Duoos and Gail Hanson.

It's a stretch to measure Greg Fossum for his graduation gown.


The whole gang on June 4, 1964


All 574 of us marched in procession across the football field to receive our diplomas.


Diplomas in hand, Bonnie Duoos, Barb Hansing, Carol Dickey and Cindy Tripp are all smiles. 


Happy grads Nan Miller, Anita Schwarz and Nancy Retherford pose for posterity.


This '64 Mustang convertible was Vicki Olsen's graduating present, which her friends rode in all summer that year. Vicki is behind the wheel. The others are (l to r) Karen Larson, Donna Dunker, Jo Shipway and Jane Dornfeld. Those were the days!!


All-Night Graduation Party


Rickshaw rides: Sue Morrill, John Anderson, Cindy Smith and Mike Bjork take a break at the all-night senior party, which transformed the second floor of the high school into an Asian-themed wonderland.

Nan Miller

Betty Garrison

Jeff Cloutier and Randy Gardner

Sue Palen and Joe Fiedler

Mary Ann Nord and Cathy Lund

Louy Diracles and Renee Manning


The last hurrah: Heading off to college

Sporting banners for the school of their choice 

Back: Karen Hegener and Ann Rose (Monticello), Kathy Gallagher, Sue McCormick (Colorado College), Linda Kreiser (Texas A & M) and Renee Manning (U of M). 
Middle: Jean MacIntosh (Otterbein University), Anne Pearson (University of Arizona), Joan Seashore (U of M), Sue Barnes (Lawrence University), Katie Sandt (University of Colorado), Barb Subak (Iowa State) and Louy Diracles (Skidmore).
Front: Sue Morrill (U of M), Mary Jo Havstad (?) and Kathy Allum (Fort Lewis).