Pizza Party

Pizza Lucé on Saturday Night

Gail Hughes and Bill Thomas

Louy Diracles and Mary Ann Nord

Mike Anderson and Barb Pengelly

Pam Carlson, Kea van der Ziel and Karen Hegener

    Phyllis Hanson and Mary Ann Nord

Mark Brandow brought his awesome antique MG to the party. Lots of admirers among us!
Mark, Drew Stirrat, Don Sharp, Gail Hughes and Mike Anderson. Mike, Gail and Mark all served in the Peace Corps after graduation.




Sue Morrill Stirrat, Drew Stirrat and Barb Subak


Katie Sandt and hubby Ken McCullough

Gayle Thompson and Gail Hughes

Gail Hughes, Katie, Kea van der Ziel

Sandy Sharp, Mary Ann Nord, Don Sharp


Don Sharp and Pat West


Ginny, Katie, Jim, Barb, Terry and Mary Ann


Nick Speliopolous (Carol Oberg's hubby), Barb Prestly, Ken McCullough and Jim Herrmann


Peter Van Wazer, Terry Carlson and Bill Thomas


Gayle Thompson and Katie Sandt


Ernie Maulsby and Barb Subak


Drew Stirrat and Mary Ann Nord


Katie, Ken and Karen Hegener


Louy and hubby Kramer Klabau

Norm Miller and wife, Carol

Carol Oberg and hubby, Nick