Remembering Southdale Shopping Center - our most famous hangout! How lucky we were that the first indoor shopping center in the country, was in our very own Edina!




We spent many evenings after the games, at Porky's drive-in. Hoped to score someone's covertible for the evening. Check out those prices!



Clancy's was a favorite - especially Toyland! 





                                       Burgers, fries and malts - at the Convention Grill!!                                                                                                              

 Just around the corner - Griffin drug store

and Morningside grocery.                                           The Edina Theater





Met Stadium

Met Tailgators



France Mann Drive-In

Hotel Sofitel

Thunderbird Motel

Howard Johnsons Motor Lodge

Valley West Theatre

Old Docks at Bush Lake

Lyn-Del Lanes

Casey Jones


An article about the little Morningside Library can be found here.


High dive at the Edina Pool